Ultimate Cheat Sheet For “Mompreneurs” To Balance Work and Family

Ultimate Cheat Sheet For “Mompreneurs” To Balance Work and Family

Ultimate Cheat Sheet For “Mompreneurs" To Balance Work and Family

Uufff,being a woman itself is a difficult task, that’s what we millennials say, on top of that who would even try to be a “MOMPRENEUR”. There is nothing to stop a goal oriented women, yes true it is.

Lets try to sort out the stupid traffic cones blocking the path of an unstoppable women. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet for “MOMPRENEURS” to balance work and family.

  • 1.  Patience
  • 2. Prior Planning
  • 3. Being healthy- Have a diet schedule
  •  4.One at a time
  • 5. Don’t be shy to look for help
  • 6. Passion is what drives


Try not to lose your cool any time, any time at all. This is the base for being both the boss and mother. Being patient will be highly appreciatable surely, not now may but in the near future.  Losing your patience will clearly land you in high pressure, blood pressure, mental pressure and all types of non sense pressure. So why to invite a satan knowingly?

# Prior Planning

I am not a mom but trust me, you must always look a chance to save your time to be efficient in your work life. Try to have a to-do list for the next day from the lessons you learned today. Its ok to have month schedule too, if possible. It can be difficult to follow but give it a try, follow for a week and taste the success of this idea.

#Being healthy- Have a diet schedule

Just like a car needs gasoline to run, to play music, to keep you cool, all that you need to be multitasking is by being healthy. Yes ,most of the “MOMPRENEUR’S” mistake is to keep the health aspect aside in balancing your work and family. It’s obvious that you setting back due to health will make the entire household to set back, and yes, you have a business to take care too.

#One at a time

Multitasking is an important aspect of be it any type of entrepreneur, but having too much of tasks in a single basket at a time will make you drop the basket. As the sayings go “A bird in hand is worth two in bush”, so better focus on  one ,what you have to do now, and do it at your best. Yes this is applicable both to your family and your work.

#Don’t be shy to look for help

True that, don’t take everything to your head all alone. Consider hiring a babysitter if your child needs one. Try to distribute your work to your children if you think they are capable of doing so. Try to find a trusted person in your company so that you can give your responsibilities when you are off, this will be helpful at the time of emergency.

#Passion is what drives

Remember in order to have a healthy work-life balance, there must be a continuous flow of work without any struggle. There won’t be any problem in running your household, as it is Love bounded. About your workspace, it’s the passion which drives you smoothly even though you highs and lows. Business can be money oriented, but completely money oriented won’t help in the long run.

As already said we are all gifted to be women, its time to take the lead. With growing issues on the limelight regarding feminism, more support than else before we have to be stable enough to reach our goals without any hurdles.