Quick Ways To Deal With After School Snacks

Quick Ways To Deal With After School Snacks

Quick Ways To Deal With After School Snacks

‘Mom, I’m hungry…..’ is a notable phrase which I’m pretty sure all of you hear it every single day and there’s no mom who gives a deaf ear to it. As a kid, I remember coming home after school to some yummy snacks prepared by my mom. She always took immense pleasure in whipping up something new each day and never ceased to amaze me with her creativity and cooking skills. Be it the leftover breakfast batter, fruit shakes or simple veggies, she made sure she was trying out something different and that recharged me for the rest of the evening.But the scenario has changed in the recent past. With moms switching over from being full time to part time and managing their career, kids don’t really look forward to having a great snack time at an empty house and that’s one of the biggest challenges moms face these days.

Most often, it’s a mad race to the kitchen soon after the kids reach home. With soaring hunger pangs and little energy, they’re ready to gorge on almost anything that is in front of their eyes especially when moms are not at home. This is where you need to be careful. If you’re a working mom, it’s always best to leave the snacks ready at the table so that they’re within reach or near eye sight. Keeping snacks within reach makes them feel loved and cared in your absence. Pack them in small portions so that they still have an appetite for dinner.

Spare some time in fixing up their snack schedule. Try something new and different once a week. In this way, they get to explore a range of foods and also develop healthy eating habits. Teaching them to make the right snack choices goes a long way in nourishing their bodies and also creates an impact on their long-term food intake. Try out Snackid Boxwhere you can get 30 different varieties of snacks for 30 days and your kid’s snacks are sorted for one whole month.

Get them involved while doing your shopping. Let them know why it is important to eat healthily.  Inculcating good food habits in their growing up years instills a sense of responsibility to eat right and healthy. Little conversations with your kid helps you to understand better about what they really prefer to eat. This helps them feel that they’re in control of what they eat and they will be more interested to try out new fruits and veggies.Cut up fruits and veggies in different sizes and shapes and make it a colourful treat for them. Kids love appealing foods and will enjoy them more.Dry fruits like kiwi, amla, strawberry andcranberry can be mixed with nuts and given to kids to make it more attractive.

Moderation is key. Snacks are small noshings so make sure you don’t overfeed your child with heavy snacks. Children may have large appetites and tend to binge on snacks like a meal. Try to balance it out with some filling fluids like smoothies, shakes or fresh juices. Apparently, they will stay hydrated and also feel full until dinner time. Sometimes, kids won’t pay much attention to what is being served on the plate and end up gobbling so that they can run to play. Grab their attention by presenting the snacks in their favourite cartoon character bowls or boxes and glasses with quirky shaped straws so that they take time to sit down and eat slowly by relishing the snacks.

Some quick snacks that can be easily prepared on the go:

All of this requires less time and effort as kids have least resistance when they storm in through the door after a tiring day at school and you don’t want to keep them waiting for long. This can also be the best time to put the much needed nutrients into their plate and be rest assured that they aren’t deficient from any. Now that you have a fair idea of what to prep for your kid’s evening snack, dealing with their hunger should be a breeze.

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