Pursuit of wellness — #4 | Long distance running , Post festival fitness and more

Pursuit of wellness — #4 | Long distance running , Post festival fitness and more

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Now the festivities of the season are almost wrapped, now it’s time to look back at our fitness goals of the year. 

It’s easy to get lost in the festival binging and the snacks that will keep pouring from friends and relatives for many days even after the Diwali is over. We can try and take a hard look at those eating options and quickly move back to the healthy and mindful eating regimen. To keep the cravings at bay, healthy snack combos from Snackexperts are just a click away 🙂

For the runner in you, this also happens to be the time of year for pleasant running/ jogging — before it starts getting too cold in the later part of the year. Here in Chennai, we have our finest event lined up in the first week of January 2019. Register here to catch-up all the fun. So, if you are planning to join, start hitting the pavement from this week onwards, as we have 55 days more approximately for the event.

Let us go to this week’s stories….

Work-life Integration: 3 easy ways to make the most of every day

Have you been working on that project, putting in extra hours over the weeks and then you worry more because of one table in the annexure is not perfect to the T. Has this project been keeping you from making dinners so you have been ordering in food for your family for the last couple of days while you constantly feel bad about it.

 You feel a wave of panic if someone helps with the garden since you are not the person doing it. 

You are guilty of perfectionism, and you need to stop striving to be perfect all the time to have that sense of satisfaction.


Importance of Employee wellness programs

Have you ever wondered why that high payed employee left your organisation?


Are the components other than salary that make employees stick to an organisation ? Probably

Have you taken an holistic approach while designing the employee compensation and not just focused on the humane less cash part ? NO


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