Pursuit of wellness — #3 | Sensible snacking for awesome Diwali

Pursuit of wellness — #3 | Sensible snacking for awesome Diwali


Yes — We all face it during all those festival seasons of the year, especially Diwali. We watch our calories + Macros, avoid carbs, focus on protein and all the calculations goes for a toss on the first sight of cutest moti chur laddoos ( well- that’s what tempts me. I am sure — everyone of you have one such special sweet savoury).

Going on an overeating mode will seem an obvious option for the most but there are ways we can actually manage the overall impacts by taking few and seemingly small action

  1. Drink min 3–4 litres of water everyday.
  2. Have some fresh fruits handy and try to have some along with sweets/ savouries
  3. Start you day with a brisk walk before the having your hot filter coffee/ Cappucinho
  4. Plan for a detox day after the completion of the festivities. Preferably for most of us a 20:4 water fasting will do the trick.

Wish you all a very bright and wonderful Diwali 2018 from Snackexperts family.

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