Why you shouldn’t switch from junk snacks to SnackExperts healthy snacks delivery for your office.

Why you shouldn’t switch from junk snacks to SnackExperts healthy snacks delivery for your office.

Why you shouldn’t switch from junk snacks to SnackExperts healthy snacks delivery for your office.

At first instance, you might feel that there is a mistake with the title. Trust me — the title is very right :-).

Although we believe SnackExperts is an absolute must for any modern workplace, we get it — its not suitable for every workplace.

Thor thinks its not suitable for you 🙂

Our snacks have been designed with the good health of our customers in mind. we design our service to ensure that it fits with all your requirements and being healthy at the same time. We can vouch for and defend the healthiness of every ingredient and the processes that go into preparing and delivering our snacks.

But if you ever plan to try SnackExperts, you should seriously look at the following factors.

1. You like your snacking to be boring and monotonous

Many companies view the provision of the snacks for the employees as a cost centre. They feel its a part of their duty to provide some eatable to keep the employees satiated during the off meal hours. This leads to a think of cost control and also to see — “If that will fit in the budget” — as the only concern. The same thought process is passed on to the employees and they start seeing this as a routine activity with the boring snacks that are being provided day after day in the work place.


                                                                                    Source : Tenor

BUT — If you are super smart company and know that keeping the employees energized and interesting is what it takes for getting peak level productivity, then you absolutely know that making the Coffee/ Snacks breaks interesting is where the entire secret lies.

The snacks break is one such occasion , where the employees/ associates can form an informal relationships that leads to increased cooperation and camaraderie thereby leading to higher productivity. We at SnackExperts ensure that the snacks are not only healthy but also crazy interesting.

2. You are addicted to sugary snacks

Yes — we all know REFINED PROCESSED sugar is addictive. As per some studies, the substances like cocaine etc, only lights up a part of your brain but Sugar lights up the entire brain and give you an feeling on immediate fulfillment and ecstasy.



Take any sweet snacks that you consume on a daily basis whether it may be cookies from any of the FMCG brands or the sweets available at the local shops. All are laden with sugar and other related abnoxious chemicals that no person in right mind will consume in a raw form — then how come we are happily comes in a snack format ??


                            Sugar + Chemicals forming the major part of all popular biscuits/ cookies

3. You are not too keen on being healthy

Doctors are always working to preserve our health and cooks to destroy it, but the latter are the more often successful. — Denis Diderot

Staying healthy is often a lifetime challenge. Food and life style choices are the result of the respective cultures, family practices and to an extent genetics. our choice of food will say a lot bigger story about our history than we can probably tell ourselves.

Bringing the equation of health into all this is often cumbersome. We need to monitor our eating patterns on a daily basis, make healthier choices most of the times and this takes a lot of effort and planning………. Well — This kind of thinking is what puts many in a path to lifestyle diseases 🙂


Monitoring healthy lifestyle — Too much work I say…… 😝


If you feel that eating healthy is not a major concern, then there are quite some options available at the office vicinity that can be tasty as well as satiating.

For the other group of people who believe that eating healthy is a conscious choice and are willing to ensure that they will follow healthier lifestyle- you can check out SnackExperts. We have beautiful plans to make you eat healthy at offices.

4. You love savouries prepared with reused oils and MSG

Its not something new that happens in the Industry. Even the renowned caterers and snack companies use re-used vegetable oil for the preparation of savouries. This is very much evident if you visit the roadside eatery casually.

As oil is heated to smoking point, the TPC ( Total polarised compound) value of oil increases. Any oils with TPC greater than 25 are not allowed to be used by FSSAI in their recent regulation. When the suppliers end up using the oil that has reached the smoking point multiple times already — leads to higher TPC beyond 25 and makes it harmful.


Its reused…..Most of the time 🙁

At SnackExperts we love our savouries and ensure that they are made with single use rice bran oil.  The rice bran oil is very good for health and keeps you fit and frolic. We ensure that oils are not used again thereby making the crunchies healthier ever.

5. You want to increase the burden of office Admin / HR managers

These are the people that keep our offices and workplaces running in a nicer way. Mostly they are burdened by various responsibilities depending on the functions they perform.

In startups, these are just 1–2 member team which takes care of the entire HR/ Admin responsibilities and its really tough to keep doing them on time on a day to day basis.

I am sooooo Tired………!!! ( Source : Tenor)

Managing vendors is a major responsibility that is added to the existing burden. This includes following up with multiple people, managing numerous payments and deciding on what snacks to order and at what time…… 😫…. Yeah we understand.. Its cumbersome.

At SnackExperts, we ensure that our customers have a dedicated account manager to ensure that all their service level queries are addressed on time every time. We also prepare and provide a monthly schedule with multiple snack options by keeping in mind the taste / Diet / Budgetary preferences. One less responsibility for the Admin managers 😅, if you chose to go with .

If you’re someone who doesn’t like healthy, free of sugar and maida snacks,that takes care of your employees long term well being, then you really wouldn’t like SnackExperts. Maybe you can better stick with all the Junk food and sugary snacks.

But if these don’t apply to you, and you’re still considering finding an alternative to the world of junk foods — Its time to try SnackExperts.

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