Work-Life Integration: 3 easy ways to make the most of everyday

Work-Life Integration: 3 easy ways to make the most of everyday

Work-Life Integration: 3 easy ways to make the most of everyday

Have you been working on that project, putting in extra hours over the weeks and then you worry more because of one table in the annexure is not perfect to the T. Has this project been keeping you from making dinners so you have been ordering in food for your family for the last couple of days while you constantly feel bad about it. You feel a wave of panic if someone helps with the garden since you are not the person doing it. You are guilty of perfectionism, and you need to stop striving to be perfect all the time to have that sense of satisfaction.

In a world where 50% of the workforce are unsatisfied because of poor work-life balance based on the TimesJobSurvey, a term that is gaining popularity is work-life integration. With the advent of technology, we are in a world that is constantly buzzing integrating work and life to have the wholesome experience is essential. Let us all face it, we can no longer distinguish between work and personal lives. We can try to differentiate with the proportion of focus given to it in any particular hour. A common scenario is when you get an office e-mail notification on your phone when you are away from work. Your hands itch to see what it is, but your family/friends give you the ‘dare not open it’ glare. Your mind keeps buzzing till you open. Studies show that even during vacation, a mere 3% keep away from checking e-mail. The millennial workforce is now adapting to a to get the most of time spent.

Exercise: Think about one workday, that you felt satisfied. Recollect what happened on that day, that it makes it so memorable.

Behind every satisfied day, there is always a sense of achievement and enjoyment. It is as simple as it can get. To make every day a fulfilled life, you need to have the right ingredients to spruce it. The time that you spend is divided into four very broad categories – Self, Family, Friends, and Work. Each of these is very crucial. The trick is in knowing how to mix these in a day. You do not have to spend time with all four categories every day.

3 way to adapt to Work-life Integration

#1 Learn to switch consciously

Between personal and professional life, adapt to managing the focus on what you are attending to and be all in.

While still being at your child’s birthday party taking a moment or two to respond to that e-mail that you are worrying about is okay as long as you re-focus back. Similarly, you can buy things off the sale that starts during the day as long as you do not get carried away for the next hour.

#2 The key is knowing how to prioritize

Work-life Integration has its emphasis on learning and distinguishing what is important from what is essential.

At your child’s party, if you spend the entire evening glued to replying your emails, you are doing it wrong; the same way spending hours looking at that online sale at work is not contributing to the growth of workplace. Get in touch with your moral compass to put you back on track. You will soon get the hang of prioritizing and re-focusing, till then it is ok if you fumble with it a bit.

#3 Look for things of Joy every day

Have something every day that you do that you enjoy. It might be only for a little while, but have that 10 minutes in that balcony, 5 minutes check-in call with your friend, or rolling in bed for 10 minutes with your kids. Start to observe the little things, appreciate it.

As the world moves towards work-life integration, adapting to changing lifestyles and making the most out of it, you can also start making smart eating choices. Check out our healthy snacks and have a better tomorrow.

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