Wanted: The Adonis Looks

Wanted: The Adonis Looks

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The human body needs to have movement to maintain its muscles and to allow proper circulation of blood and this doesn’t solely depend on the manner in which we obtain it. Stretching the body can be effected in the form of any of these- Aerobics, Yoga, Sports& Recreation or even the gym. Maintaining fitness has gained paramount importance in the recent times and particularly the youth have started to devote considerable amount of time towards fitness improvement. No particular fitness regime is prescribed or deemed to be the best and its dependent on each individual’s preference as some may prefer only gym workout, some may opt for lesser rigorous training regimen and some may be dependent solely on Sports to improve their fitness levels. However any training regimen that isn’t supplemented by a proper diet is rendered inefficient. Hence regardless of the effort one may put into their training, their efforts may get nullified by inappropriate diet. Now that we’ve understood the basic premise of a fitness programme, let’s dwell upon certain aspects which we must acknowledge while taking up any training programme.

Root Cause For The Paradigm Shift

It’s another sunny Sunday morning and we’ve woken up late as is the notion regarding Sundays. We tune into a music programme on the television and we lay eyes on our favourite actor flaunting his abdominals and biceps. We are witnessing chiselled arms, a stomach that resembles the steep slopes of a mountain (as in terrace farming) and to go with it- Adonis Looks! Then it becomes quite natural to visualise ourselves possessing such characteristics but we make a fool of ourselves when we face the reality via the reflection of ourselves on the mirror! In most cases, this inferiority complex serves as the motivation to start giving up certain pleasure for a better self. We follow this path, when we’ve prioritised masculine looks over fitter than previous self looks and it’s worrying to know that most youngsters follow this path in the name of embracing fitness. Leading movie critic BaradwajRangan, of The Hindu wrote a splendid article about the craze towards muscular bodies by our young generation of actors. He explains that if Hollywood seemed to be the inspiration for this newfound craze, he believes that they were misled as certain film roles demanded actors to sport bulky frames like the Rocky Balboa( Fictional American Boxer)character portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. There is no denial that a leading actor needs to possess certain traits associated with the acting profession but the need to embrace bodybuilding is apparently unnecessary. Youngsters ought to understand the prime necessity for taking up a fitness programme and the success of any programme isn’t assured only by the pleasing looks but by the improved levels of comfort by which the body can perform certain arduous tasks.

I’m not for playing down the acting profession but I also object the use of cine stars to epitomise fitness. Professional athletes in my view are the true symbols of fitness and if you’re looking for inspiration, don’t look beyond Indian Cricket team’s captain ViratKohli. Those who’ve followed the sport remember how chubby he used to look and although he wasn’t anywhere close to being unfit even in his earlier days, he wasn’t complacent with his physique back then. Hence he started to follow a stringent training programme and this has payed dividends as he doesn’t only look better from the exterior but the risk of injury has decreased and has also given him the stamina to play longer innings, swift movement and so on! I can also cite the example of Cristiano Ronaldo in Football and Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in Tennis. Roger aged 36 has been able to maintain the level of stamina in a mentally and physically enervating sport like Tennis. Hence similar examples should serve as the motivation for starting up and not merely Adonis looks.

Dope A Semiconductor But Not Your Body

No points for guessing the theme on which this paragraph would be centred on! The usage of Anabolic Steroids in sport was banned in 1990 but there isn’t a wholesome ban on the intake of the drug. We are completely aware of the perks associated with the usage of steroids but intake of the drug without proper counselling from a doctor has far-reaching consequences. Steroids inject the male hormone testosterone into our human body and improve protein synthesis of the human body. As mentioned earlier that sport has banned its usage, people still opt for steroids in order to alleviate pain and quicken the process of recovery from injury. The abuse of steroids although at times proves detrimental to health and the hazards associated with improper consumption of steroids are dermatological , Musculoskeletal & Psychological & Endocrine problems

This is indeed a fast-paced world and instant results are the order of the day with increased attention devoted to practices that support the motion. However, when we expect good form anything that we put into our mouth, we are fooled in believing so. Ease is not the parameter associated with a training regimen and bulky frames and increased levels of fitness take months and years to be obtained. In that process one many encounter setbacks in the form of injuries which derails the progress but it isn’t smart to resort to Steroids to make up for the lost time. Healing of an injury should occur gradually and should be supplemented by proper Rehabilitation. Hence I believe that steroids must be the last thing which anyone should think of when sustaining an injury.

It is quite heartening to see the improvement in the levels of fitness standards among youngsters and widespread awareness has also been provided regarding the same. However, it is important for an individual to prioritize the need of taking up any programme and the expectation out of the result. Is a good looking physique the only expectation or that is only a certain aspect that he/she looks for? Are we going to persevere while following our plan or we would look to speed up the existing process? These are the certain questions which we want from our readers and we would love to hear your inputs! And all you have to remember always is


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