Must to do things in weekends for productive week days

Must to do things in weekends for productive week days

Must to do things in weekends for productive week days

Schedule your working hours

If you go into the weekend get some plan about the day and schedule the work for next week and work on your personal preference. I like early mornings because research shows that our work will be more productive before lunch. Not everyone is a morning person, though. As long as you schedule your work before and follow through on your commitment, you are on the right track.

Get the right amount of sleep

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If you want to have a pleasant Saturday do not stay sleep less in Friday night. You will wake up in early and schedule your work on time.

According to the research, adults need nine hours of asleep a day. Only you know what your body needs, If you feel inactive after nine hours, set an earlier alarm. If seven hours feels wrong, give yourself some extra time to sleep.

Define your goals beforehand

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When lot of work in your work space, You must try to finish everything in that day. If you don’t get the clear way to solve the problem , you should get distracted by other projects by your lack of progress.

As you set your weekend work schedule, decide ahead of time which projects is important , then tackle them at on time. You are eager to work on a sales issue, but if the branding meeting is third day of the week and the marketing meeting is first day of the week, Prepare for the meeting which has been more complicated.


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Reading was the most precious skill to enhance your ideas, knowledge and seeing the world in different way.

If you hate reading, then you want to find the other way to learn like, watching documentary or participating some knowledge development program. The point is to know new things and think out of the box.

Clean the house

Worst thing is to start the work with a clumsy house! Clean the house was helps to starts the week more productively.Monday evening there was lot of works to be done like wash dish, do laundry etc.., so I want to do all the works on Sunday. I will feel pleasant in Monday morning because of there was no house hold work on Monday.

Spend time with family

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Do I mean that literally? Not quite. But here’s what I do mean: You need to spend time with your loved ones and do exercise and you need to get refreshment and you need to do some challenges tasks.

Do some brain boosters learning and get more ideas in that work .

Take a break from technology

Most of the weekend starts with laptop and ends with smart phone , switch off the lap and mobile and feel free to Play a games with your family and friends. And create new ideas using pen and paper, Stop your technology and give break as long as possible. The average smartphone user checks his or her device about once in every 6 minutes

The next time you need to work over the weekend, do not let the time succeed from you before it even arrives. Weekends are the perfect time to gain, but only if you use the opportunity correctly. Set your schedule, understand what you want to do and stick to the plan so you can finish your work and compress in the relaxation you gained.

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