Find Out How Healthy is Your Office Pantry

Find Out How Healthy is Your Office Pantry

Find Out How Healthy is Your Office Pantry

 Why should the office pantry be healthy?

 When work gets hectic and busy in the workspace by being bombarded with challenging mental tasks, your brain will have a higher nutritional demand. Employees find the easy snacks to stay out from hunger. It could be a chocolate bar, chips/ crispy, or something which is not healthy at all. While these unhealthy snacks are tasty for taste buds but are a kind of drug which is just keeping the employees crave more and keep them addictive with a particular snack as they represent calories that can’t be reasonably burned through the day. For another thing, they also come with loads of sugar that can be dangerous in large doses.  A better option to go for is a well-stocked pantry filled with healthy snacks. Not many people understand that healthy snacks can be just as tasty as the unhealthy ones. It’s simply a matter of habit.

Below is the reason to live a healthy life even in the busy schedule.


Makes Everyone Happy

Eating healthily generally helps you feel happier and active. It helps to boost your self-esteem which keeps you energetic throughout the day. Research has also shown that eating protein can help slow absorption of carbohydrates in the blood which may improve your moods and energy even hours after eating. On the other hand, consuming foods high in sugar, wheat (Gluten) and processed foods has proven to increase the risk of depression and starts

developing bad fats brining into laziness and draining out soon.  That’s why those who love chocolates/candy bars and crisps (savories) tend to be hyper before crashing badly somewhere around the afternoon. Obviously, this kind of lethargy isn’t going to be good for productivity. Healthy snacks are created with the perfect balance of nutrients employees can be expected to be more focused on their work and be capable of sustaining their work drive for much longer than they would snack on those unhealthy snacks.

Stock the fridge and pantry with healthy snacks

This is very obvious, that people can only eat the food that is available to them at the time of hunger. Of course, your employees are free to bring whatever they want from home, but you can do your part to offer healthy solutions by stocking the office with healthy snacks. If you don’t have the time to go out and buy healthy snacks for the office, you can also order a snack box that comes full of a variety of options for your employees to enjoy. Unhealthy snacking is just not the only problem as the stress in office might tempt employees to grab a soda in the afternoon, especially if they don’t have other choices. Besides ensuring employees have easy access to water, consider also including other beverage options like lemonade, iced tea, fruit juice, or sugarless juices. Also, dispose of the expired products and maintain a proper schedule and reminder for checking the old stocks and have a fresh environment.

There are few easy low-cost healthy Office Snacks

Fruit can help keep your blood sugar at a stable level so you don’t have to sort more unhealthy sugary snacks like candy. This is also a good choice because many fruits don’t require preparation and can sit for several days without going bad. Eating fruits daily benefits your body as it gives ample energy and all the natural vitamins needed by the body. Fruits also help in protecting heart as it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, Protein bars are a nutritional supplement that provides protein and potentially other nutrients, to your food cycle which helps to retain energy. Protein bars make great afternoon snacks to tide you over until dinner, and they can be easily maintainable as it has a good shelf life which can stay in the workspace for several weeks before going stale. It helps in maintaining and repairing tissue muscles.


Transforming the Workplace

Promoting a large range of healthy options in the pantry will attract the employees. It is the classic example of how actions speak louder than words. It gives the satisfaction to the staff that you value your employees and their health. Very often this kick-starts the awareness of healthy choices they can make and increases their willingness to eat healthily snacks/food. Certain foods also improve your mental acuity and memory. It is necessary to provide healthy snacks to your staff with the right kind of fuel in order to keep them performing at their optimal. Nuts and foods containing vitamin C are powerful brain foods. Nuts are the key proteins provider with lot of good fats and antioxidants, that help you live longer.


By bringing up a variety of local snacks and healthier options such as vegan, gluten-free and even nut free products, this not only encourages employees to widen their palate variety. For those who have nut allergies and are on diets are also included as to be an unofficial snack party and not be left out. It will encourage and inspire the rest of the staff to live out healthy lifestyles, definitely not the ones you should exclude from your pantry should you be pushing for a change. This will lead employees not to dictate the lifestyles that they would like their workers to lead but they still have the power to influence them. Chances are if everyone around them is excited about living a healthy lifestyle option, they would be too. At the finish line, you realize it is not so much what they choose to eat but it’s by impacting the workplace bit by bit through small actions. that can change many lifestyles in a better and peaceful way.

Serving up Success at the Office

Now that you know how food can affect your employees, how you can help them make to guide towards the positive choices and what you can bring into the office for healthy snack choices. It’s time to implement some of these ideas into your workplace so before you start budgeting to provide your employees with, take a deep breath. Small changes can make a big difference. Maybe just start by bringing in a fruit basket on any day of the week and plan attractive session to keep your employees enjoys and understands better. Eat junk, feel like junk. Eat nourishing food; feel like nourished, energetic, light, and vibrant in the activity/task.

But, there are no real consequences unless you have submitted the hefty deposit, which will then be forfeited.