Micro Hacks For Extraordinary Success 

Micro Hacks For Extraordinary Success 

Micro Hacks For Extraordinary Success

Have you ever thought “I work hard though couldn’t satisfy my boss’, customers’, teachers’, audiences’ expectations”   

Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this world.   

Millions of students, executives, entrepreneurs, artists feel this way daily. Probably you’re making tiny mistakes daily that are accumulating enough to diminish the results. 

We will see some of the tiny hacks that could bring a better version of yourself. 


10M for 24H: 

There is no strategy superior to planning in accomplishing a task. A 10-minute day plan would bring a tremendous improvement to your lifestyle. 

Starting from 7 am to 10 pm prepare a to-do list with the timeline. Within 10 minutes, based on the priority you can build a neat structure for your tasks. 

You can set reminders on your Google Calendar and you wouldn’t miss anything as per your schedule. 

You just have to make sure each task gets completed within the allocated time. 


Automation and Templates 

In this Robotic world, there are a lot of options available for automating the no-brainer repetitive tasks. Try to find a tool which would replace your daily reporting, proposal, and quote sending works. Have templates handy for all types of business email from proposals to leave permissions. No need to re-invent the wheel. Just edit the template based on your requirements.  


Write ideas immediately 

If you ever come across an idea or getting any pieceS of information orally, write down immediately without procrastination. Don’t believe your brain in this stuff. Your brain wouldn’t even remember what lunch dishes you had yesterday. 


Neglect Notifications 

Opening one Facebook notification would end up in seeing a lot of unwanted posts and articles which would misdirect you from your schedule. You can allow yourself to access all social media at a particular time of the day.  



Read to Unread 

If you couldn’t respond to a mail, mark it as not opened after reading. This would save you from missing any important tasks. 


Reduce Decision Makings 

Have you ever wondered why Zuckerberg is always seen in the same gray T-shirt all the time? It’s because he would waste the precious time in selecting the perfect outfit for that day. 

Our brain is only capable of making few decisions per day. For example, You wouldn’t want to think a lot about selecting the snacks to eat today evening. You can just fill in your details here and get curated healthy snacks from Snackexperts on your doorstep daily.  

Multitasking is a myth 

Never ever try to do multitasking. Multitasking deteriorates your performance and instead of keep on switching from one commitment to other, try completing one and go to second. You’ll see the rise in success rate.  



“I don’t go long without eating. I never starve myself: I grab a healthy snack” – Vanessa Hudgens 

Making our 3 daily meals a bit smaller, and adding 2 healthy snacks in between meals could optimize brain power and will help us to relieve from depression.  

Snackexperts has 80+ varieties of snacks ranging from millet cookies to refreshing nuts. You can try for a while and also for your colleagues and friends can be recommended. 


Office Snacks



Learn the art of integration. Replying to your client’s mail while in your spouse’s birthday party means you’ve to learn more the work-life integration skill. 


These are some of the little tweaks which would definitely bring an impact. Try to slowly adopt this in your life.  

Tell me what you feel in the comments section.  

Despite the ironic messaging my response on please rob me, I agree with their advice.