8 Weight loss rules for Teenagers through Healthy Dieting

8 Weight loss rules for Teenagers through Healthy Dieting

February 10, 2017.

Don’t panic, don’t panic… Okay, take a nice deep breath… Don’t panic! Try again two deep breaths… count from 10 to 1. 10 9 8 7 Oh no! I am useless. I couldn’t even lose 5kgs in the last 10 weeks. What am I going to tell that Shanti aunty when she embarrasses me in front of everyone? Ok It’s alright. Let’s make a plan. I have 4 more months for my elder sister’s marriage. I can lose that 13kgs. I soared from a mere pass to a topper in science in just two months. I can do it. I will do it. What if I lost the last 3 months. I’ll start with Paleo from tomorrow. No I’ll do it from today. Actually, I had five rasagullas today. What’s the point of starting today. This will be my last day of freedom. I will surely start from tomorrow

August 18, 2018.

I struggle to get up from the bed and slowly move to the bathroom working the stiffness in my joints as I go. I take the brush and look at the mirror. Surprise surprise!! I am still “Pleasantly Chubby” (I don’t use the ‘f*t’ word or the ‘O’ word. I don’t want to hurt my own feelings on top of others). After my morning routine, I open my instagram and as I drool over the actresses structures… Oh My God! Samantha has posted about her new Keto diet and how it helps her to stay healthy and fit. I know it will work out this time. It’s so inspiring and I am going to try it and lose ½ Kg a week which will take 30 weeks to reduce my extra 15kgs which is 7 1/2 months. No! Shanti aunty’s visit is in 2 months!!! Okay don’t panic! I can lose 2kg a week which means I’ll… Whatever, I’ll start the diet and lose at least 10kgs before her visit.

September 1, 2018

I am 2½kgs heavier and have stopped my diet 3 days ago. I don’t care what aunty thinks.

All the diet fanatics out there can relate to my story of paranoia.I mean a zillion weddings would have come and gone by where my cheeky, heartless, obnoxious relatives would ask, “Why has Aishu put on so much weight?” (I ate a lot and didn’t exercise, duh!) to my mom loud enough for me and the bazillion others in the room to hear loud and clear. From growing small (mentally) at those acrid words, now I amgetting used to getting embarrassed.

I myself am a real-life epitome for a series of failed diets. Pleasantly chubby at 6 and still so at 22. Only fruits, only veggies, GM, Ketone, Paleo, you name it, I have tried it all.  Why weight loss through diet isalways a myth for some and a reality for others? There are some who stop eating eggs and lose weight (what’s that about, huh?) and then there are people like me who put on weight by smelling a carrot!!

What is that successfully dieting people do that we don’t? Through my personal experience(s) I have “realized” the ground rules for dieting.

Rule No. 1: Peruse

Before you start a diet, become an expert in it. Know the pros and cons of the diet. Most of us read the title “Lose 10 Kg in 5 days with this miracle diet” and take a look at the picture of bananas beneath it and start eating only that for the next few hours. Each diet has its own set of rules. Go through different websites to learn about the diet and how it works. Know HOW the diet is going to make you lose weight and WHY you are eating what you are eating. Search if it will have SIDE EFFECTS on your body and what are the REMEDIES. If possible CONSULT your dietician and nutritionist to ensure you get the sufficient nutrition.

Rule No. 2: Analyse

Now, ask yourself if you can adapt to this lifestyle. Is this diet HEALTHY in the long run? Is the food nutritious? Is the food suitable for my body? Will the food be enough to get you going on your everyday chores? Is the type of food available at the local store? Is the food monetarily feasible? Will I have time to prepare it? Is the food intriguing? Is it long term or short?

Many diets lead to hair loss, constipation, fissure, fatigue and low blood pressure. Starving will lead to slower metabolism which in turn leads delay in weight loss. Some “miraculous” diets like losing so many kilos in a week’s time are bogus. When you switch back to your normal diet, you will gain those lost kilos plus bonus in a wink. Diets should also be cost effective. Do not waste money on expensive food. Do it simple. One should know and analyse the pros and cons of the diet one chooses to follow.

Rule No. 3: Adapt

NEVER ever kick start your diet in full effect all at once. You’ll end up craving for what you wanted to avoid. Remember the mantra “Slow and Steady”. The diet should edge its way into your lifestyle deliberately such that you don’t notice it and don’t miss your comfort food. If you launch the full diet on day 1, you’ll be munching snickers on day 3. Start with baby steps. Start with healthy snacking. Then change one meal a day and let your body acclimatise to it for at least two weeks. Once you are comfortable with it, open your doors for changing the next meal and so on.

Rule No. 4: Exercise!

There is no such thing as “diet without exercise leads to weight loss”. Every person needs a minimum 30 minute workout a day be it gym, yoga, kickboxing, cardio or swimming. It activates your mind, releases endorphins in your body which gives you a positive feeling throughout the day, releases toxins along with sweat from your body, keeps your skin glowing and healthy, gives faster results when coupled with diet, keeps your joints healthy, etcetera.

Start your exercise with a warm-up, slowly increase your speed from a minimum to a maximum rate, hold it there for a while and decrease it slowly before you halt. Exercise until and after sweat breaks from your body. Experts say that the workout you do before sweat breaks, burns the carbohydrates that you consumed in your previous meal and only when you continue the exercise, the fat from your storage banks starts to break down.

Concentrate on different parts of your body on different days depending on your structure. Meditate after each workout to sharpen your mind.

Rule No. 5: Cheat days

Give yourself a break once a week and savour your success. Put a pause on your diet and exercise. Get your hands on that chocolate filled brownie you had been eyeing for the past week. Cram all the goodies into that tummy of yours. This day is vital to keep you going for the next six days while you eat that ‘Ugh! Brussel sprouts not hidden in cheese’. This is to appreciate your tenacity in grazing on veggies and other healthy stuff throughout the week. Do extra 10 sit ups the next day to burn the calories from cheat day.

WARNING: This day may extend to days if you spiral outta control. Steady! It’s just food. Not Love!! Take it easy, girl (or boy or person or… whoever you are).

Always. Always keep tabs on the calories you consume and the calories you burn each day. Check your weight or your body measurements by the end of each week to know your progress. It is important to be aware of these figures (I meant the numbers). Not only will you be happy with your improvement, you will be encouraged to stick on to your diet plan. Also, it will help you to balance your diet and exercise routine according to your goal.

Rule No. 6: Count your Calories

Always. Always keep tabs on the calories you consume and the calories you burn each day. Check your weight or your body measurements by the end of each week to know your progress. It is important to be aware of these figures (I meant the numbers). Not only will you be happy with your improvement, you will be encouraged to stick on to your diet plan. Also, it will help you to balance your diet and exercise routine according to your goal.

Rule No. 7: Persistence

Persistence is the key to successful dieting. Once you change your lifestyle there is no going back without gaining the weight you lost and at times more than that. This is why one should think twice before choosing the diet plan. Discipline yourself to stick on to the pattern throughout so that you stay fit and healthy. Consult your dietician if you want to change your pattern.

Rule No. 8: Love Self

The final and most important rule of all is LOVE yourself and your body. Self-acceptance is the first step before the million steps you take towards weight loss. Without this step, you cannot reach the goal. Embrace your body with full acceptance and love it.Now, you’ll be the better judge of your body. Be it’s friend and help it through this journey with love and care. Only when you start loving your body, it will listen to you. Never complain about that body of yours. Be happy with what you have and try to make the best of it. Don’t be hard on yourself.

These simple rules are the milestones towards a successful weight-loss regime.

You can make this journey of yours interesting by joining diet bets, getting a diet buddy to compete with, cooking different types of healthy food and being creative.

You are doing this for yourself and not for someone else’s appreciation or their approval of your body. Never lose sight of that. It’s you who should matter. It’s your opinion that should take a stance in your life. Never let nosy aunty of your make you feel small.

Above all, “feel beautiful” the way you are. It’s never a compulsion that one should be slim and gorgeous to live in this society but it is advisable to be fit and healthy. Do not lose weight because some obnoxious person embarrassed you. Lose weight because you want to. Do it because you are passionate about it.

No one has a say in how to live your life except YOU. Do not aim for size ‘0’. Aim for size ‘comfortable’. Most of the pleasantly chubby people say that they feel caged inside the body while others embrace their beauty and show it off with pride in the Plus Size Fashion world. Work on your body until you feel comfortable in it at every breath of life.

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