Is your wife Pregnant? Here is your guide to help your wife eat properly

Is your wife Pregnant? Here is your guide to help your wife eat properly

Is your wife Pregnant? Here is your guide to help your wife eat properly

Pregnancy is one of the most important and beautiful phases of a woman’s life. The soon-to-be mother is pampered with a lot of love and food! The nine months during which the mother carries the baby in her womb is the healthiest phase in her life. It is also the happiest period in her life ( despite the mood swings)

The mother needs to eat for two people – for her and the little one. Also, her body begins to work overtime to meet the energy demands of both. This makes it necessary for the mother to ensure that she has a well balanced and nutrient rich diet


Normally, nuts are the most preferred snacks, as they are wholesome and packed with nutrients. They are rich in vitamins, folic acid and protein. Eating whole nuts or a mixture of your favourite nuts will keep you energized between your hunger pangs and cravings.

Warning: However, a pregnant woman has to be cautious and aware of the fact that nuts can be allergens too. Studies have proved that nuts, when consumed on a daily basis, can increase the chances of the baby being asthmatic after birth. If there is a history of asthma in the family, then lesser the nuts’ intake, lower is the chance of asthma in the baby.


Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Many women face the annoying problem of constipation during the three trimesters. When fruits are added to the daily diet, they help in relieving constipation and facilitate smooth and easy bowel movements.

Warning :Fruit juices are loaded with sugar. During pregnancy, this overdose of sugar may lead to increase in mother’s weight which may affect the baby. Also as many mothers get diagnosed with gestational diabetes during the pregnancy, it is best to minimise the sugar intake. However, fresh and frozen fruits do a lot of good to the mother.


Cooked sprouts make a wholesome, nutrient filled and delicious snack. When the sprouts are mixed with fresh vegetables and salt, they are so filling for the mother.

Warning : It is generally advised to avoid raw sprouts during pregnancy as they may lead to infections caused by Salmonella and e-coli bacteria. This causes diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps. Also, there are chances of this infection being passed on to the newborn. Due to the weak immune system of the mother, it is best to avoid uncooked, raw sprouts to avoid foodborne diseases.

Puffed rice ( Pori )

This is rich in proteins and Vitamin B and can be eaten plainly or in the form of Bhel ( the popular Indian street food). When combined with onions, tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables, this snack will be even more delicious and healthy.

Poha ( Aval)

This rice based snack has a high iron content and is a very popular food in many Indian households.It helps in lactation and prevents iron deficiency. It also has a lot of carbs in it and makes a complete meal. It can be made in many ways – adding vegetables, lemon, grated coconut with sugar etc. This variety has made it a huge hit among the various Indian states inspite of the diversity of the people in culture and food.

To add to the above list, you can include our healthy upma, idlis, corn to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.


1.As the woman is susceptible to new changes due to the baby growing inside her, it is always best to ascertain if she is allergic to a particular food component before adding the same to her pregnancy diet.

2. Every woman is different and so is every pregnancy. What suits you may be totally allergic to another woman. So do not follow others’ advice blindly.

3. No one knows best about the physical condition of the mother other than her gynecologist. So consult and plan your pregnancy diet with the doctor

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Have a happy pregnancy!


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