Cricket nutrition for your junior

Cricket nutrition for your junior

Cricket nutrition for your junior

The most exciting time for the cricket fans is the World Twenty20 , this time 2016 ICC World Twenty20 — the biggest cricket tournament of the year is being hosted by India for the first time. Now,Twenty20 is currently on and all cricket fans are busy catching every recent updates and each game keep everyone on the edge of their seats .

Cricket is a game of skill, played nearly all year round. Players need super strength and stamina with extra power to play the game throught out the day and all these are heavily influenced by what they consume. Food is the fuel for the player, for this is reason why every cricketer deserves special attention on their food to maximise the performance. They need to stay hydrated and fueled throughout a game.  Ideally, a meal should contains carbohydrate(40%-50%), Fat(20%-25%), Protein(20%-25%). This will give the players sufficient fuel to perform without putting on performance.

Cricket is primarily a summer sport, hence maintaining an adequate level of hydration is also one of the key component of maximizing the cricketers performance. Each player is different in their requirements so the hydration strategy is individualised for the players where possible. Due to the significant sweating they consume adequate amount of water, it is hot and humid sweat rates are higher than normal fluid that contains electrolytes (Sodium) are consumed.

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Game Day Nutrition

On the match day, 45 minutes prior to the start of the match only the each players will get to know whether they will be bowling or batting. Hence the player has to prepare himself assuming he will be involved in the game on the first day. It is very significant for all the players to start  and play the match properly even in the hot conditions with limited access to drink fluids in between the match. The players should plan their convenient pre-match meal like snack option, if their not provided with meal before the competition.This pre-match meal should contain appropriate carbohydrates like cereals,Nuts,fruits, yoghurt, pastas etc., In general cricketer must eat 2-4 hours before the match begins, as the meal timing can be difficult; predominantly when they choose to bat first and player will not any idea about their turn.Usually test matches include breaks for lunch and tea, the meal is provided by the social club with high nutritional quality.Snacking on the nuts like almonds peanuts while you’re fielding or in the middle of a long innings can help maintain your energy levels.

As the vacation has started don’t pull your junior inside the home, let them play but don’t forget to feed them with right snacks. It is more important for your junior to eat well every day regularly. The foods they eat on a daily basis, will help to develop their capacity to store fuel in their muscles,increases their growth and development.Feed them enough  carbohydrate and  protein in their diet to optimise development and growth. Protein food includes Legumes, nuts and seeds serves the purpose well. Baked beans, meat analogues (vegetarian foods), tofu, seed beans, nuts e.g almonds, pecans, cashews, peanuts and peanut butter, seeds e.g. pumpkin, sunflower can to given as a snack after a heavy practice. Apart from this Meat, seafood ,eggs and Dairy & alternatives can be given to provide essential amino acids to your  young growing child.



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